afterthehole (afterthehole) wrote in killersinc,

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Such a temptation

She posted a message on my journal again... thought it was all over but obviously not.

I try to be polite - don't want there to be any evidence of me being a bitch. Told her to say it to my face if she had a problem, told her to quit posting on my journal.

She comes back with shit about 'come on if you think you're hard enough'.

Obviously I can't. Boy, would I love to see her face if I decided to ditch this act of ignoring her and just waited until the perfect moment, tap her on the shoulder and lay her out like she deserves. Why do the bitches always have easy lives?

Can't wait to see her all alone again, no buddies, no protection, just stuck in the cold with no one but herself. Then maybe she'd have to accept the plain fact - she's no one. Nothing at all. And she's crazy.

One crazy bitch.
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